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‘Jude worked with me and the team in the setting up and the delivering of the Bristol ECMO service. The project brought together highly skilled multidisciplinary staff from across two large hospitals to care for patients with severe respiratory failure patients in South West of England during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jude, undertook a thorough and systematic evaluation of the task at hand and developed an excellent rapport and earned the trust of the all the key stake holders. She was clear and precise with her communication and encouraged us to look at the problems from a different perspective and challenged us seek different solutions. This helped the team and me to shape a strong service with always keeping the patients at the heart of all that we did. Her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm was invaluable and her people skill and commitment to the project was outstanding. I would definitely use her expertise again especially when planning and re-structuring complex clinical service. 
Professor Sanjoy Shah, Deputy CMO, NBT. September 2023


“I have had the benefit of working with Jude for 4 years now. Our initial executive coach relationship focused on personal resilience and high impact delivery during large scale organisational change. 12 months on and I realised that the benefits from our coaching partnership was too impactful to stop. My well-being and performance are enhanced through her coaching style - Jude’s approach of kind inquisitiveness is highly effective at drawing out honest reflections. Once you’re in that open space Jude has a wealth of tools to help you grip a challenge and work through scenarios. Her energy is of enormous value when the going gets tough”.

Paula Wedd Executive Director of Quality, Patient Experience and Safeguarding NHS Cheshire CCG February 2022

“When I started at Horizons, I had applied for the job because I was a bit at a loss of ‘what was next’ for me in terms of my career, needed a new experience and heavily burnt out working in critical care during the pandemic. I imagine this will be the case for many people who apply for this sort of fellowship. I had heard about coaching via a podcast. However, it always seemed quite inaccessible for me as a junior member of staff. It was lovely to initially meet Jude and to go through in depth my situation and about what was next for me. I really think it helped me to think out my situation and critically assess where I am & where I want to be at. 

 Ras Kahai Clinical Associate | Horizons Team – Part of NHS England and NHS Improvement September 2022

“Coaching was an excellent experience; it contributed to getting my promotion and I am delighted. Being a Clinical Associate for  Horizons Team and having a coach was beneficial to reflect on my practice too”. 

Christina Harrison Clinical Associate | Horizons Team – Part of NHS England and NHS Improvement August 2022

“Before I commenced my leadership programme in 2021, I hadn’t heard much of the term coaching before. From my experience it hadn’t been something the NHS pushed at the forefront previously. However, by engaging with coaching it gives you a safe space to be able to reflect and think through things differently with a trusted professional. My experience of coaching has allowed to me set clear and aligned goals for the future and the steps to achieve this. It has allowed me to change my perspective and think more widely about how I experience certain situations and how I can change my own thought process to achieve different outcomes, ultimately how I can help myself. Thanks to coaching with Jude, I have been successful at interview and there are now many opportunities to openly engage with coaching that is free within the NHS Healthcare system, I advise to get in contact with your learning development team at your organisation.”

Nina Jaspal Clinical Associate | Horizons Team – Part of NHS England and NHS Improvement Jan 2022

“I have worked with Jude for nearly a year now and she has supported me to be able to manage a work life balance during one of the most stressful times in my life. I have been involved with the C19 response and have needed an executive coach to enable me to take control of what I can and put clear and difficult boundaries in place. Jude is able to help me work with difficult characters and sometimes highly unpleasant behaviour”


Jude worked with me to provide support and development work for a large and complex multidisciplinary clinical team. Jude’s work culminated in the facilitation of two team development awaydays. She carried out sensitive yet searching consultation with the team and me as preparation for the productive development days. Jude handled the process with sensitivity and clarity of thought & purpose. Her knowledge, experience, energy and commitment during this work were outstanding. I would unhesitatingly recommend Jude to colleagues seeking a consultant for support with organisational troubleshooting and development.

Bill Travers Associate Medical Director NE London NHS Foundation Trust 2017

“Jude is a truly inspirational real individual and coach. She encourages you to reach your own solutions through her style. Jude built my confidence significantly to address difficult and challenging situations in the workplace. Jude has supported me to get the position I am in today” 
John Foley Interim Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Wirral University Teaching Hospitals (now Divisional Director RLBUHT) April 2017

“Amidst the chaos of COVID 19, Jude has been helping me take the final and daunting steps to launching my own business. At a time when suddenly the world seemed to tilt on its axis and I felt like I didn't know anything, Jude has reminded me to the contrary. I am very privileged to have worked with someone so grounded, attuned and skilful, someone who has helped me provide myself with the assurance necessary to move forward and I could not recommend her more highly or more warmly.”

Kate Ambler: Chief Developer, Spitfire Films May 2020


“Jude worked with clinicians and managers using  to collectively help teams understand patient flow and to put improvement plans in place. Jude works exceptionally well with senior medics, nurses and mangers and admin staff in facilitating a cooperative team environment that has led to improvements in patient flow, team dynamics and the overall success of the service"

Geoff Pye Consultant Surgeon and Cancer Lead South West July 2018

“We engaged Jude Goddard in early 2020 to support us with an ambitious set of OD priorities. We were really keen to accelerate organisation development with a high-level strategy rather than try to pinpoint a more detailed strategy (we wanted to move quickly on the things we knew were important). This included Executive Team and Senior Leadership Team development, along with ‘All staff’ engagement sessions, and some specific coaching support.

Jude really listened to what we wanted, quickly gained an understanding of the organisation and developed a bespoke and varied program of support. Just as we were about to embark on this, our working practices were completely changed as we moved to remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than defer the program, we worked in partnership with Jude to develop a new approach focused on achieving the same outcomes. 

Jude’s breadth of experience has been critical in helping us to adapt our OD program and deliver this remotely during a pandemic. Together we have tried new approaches, and successfully engaged across the organisation using remote technology. We have had to be agile, and we have really appreciated the flexibility that Imagine Results have shown. In addition to supporting us, Jude has challenged us to think differently, and we have benefited from putting this feedback into practice. 

Jude’s support during the last 12 months has been invaluable across the organisation. All sessions have been well attended and the momentum hasn’t faltered. The feedback on the style of delivery, support and general engagement has been fantastic (including the more difficult to reach members of the team)”

Steve Connor, Managing Director MIAA NHS May 2020

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