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Behavioural Scientist | Organisational Strategist | Business Coach | Psychotherapist


Jude is a highly skilled facilitator, quality improvement specialist and organisational development consultant with

over 25 years of public sector service.

She was a Director of Strategic Development and Partnerships in the NHS taking the lead in vital modernisation

programmes in North Yorkshire.

During that board appointment, Jude developed a new service model for the re- configuration of Health and Social Care across the North Yorkshire. She held Director and Assistant Director positions in the NHS for over 10 years and led NHS Trust mergers, established NHS organisations and led the process from public consultation to implementation.

Jude is an accomplished improvement and engagement specialist.

Imagine Results was established in 2007, and specialises in organisational development and strategic

change in the public sector.

Jude creatively works with people and teams to enable them to function effectively and turn their strategies into action.

Using a relational approach, which is both empathetic and challenging, Jude helps teams and individuals to identify and implement powerful solutions.


She is also a trained mediator, helping all parties understand and recognise eachothers’ priorities and create jointly owned

objectives and plans. 


Facilitator | Coach | NLP Trainer | Competency Specialist


Mike has over 40 years experience working with individuals and organisations and isn't afraid of challenging the norm,

seeking new ways of doing things.


He specialises in the psychology of success, enabling groups and individuals to tap into and trust their abilities. He uses NLP and Hypnosis as well as psychometrics and gains success by developing great rapport with clients.


Mike carries a wealth of unique experience working in the public, private and not for profit sectors of the economy.

As well as his business experience Mike is a talented sportsman and musician.   

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